Harmony man nature

From the choice of crops to the cultivation methods, a key element is the cyclical nature of nature that marks our production rhythms in a balanced way.
Working in a biological way is not an obligatory choice due to the complex times in which we live but it is an innate element in human nature.


Golden ratio

The Rosburgo Estate, understood as an ecosystem, preserves the set of rules that make it a complex system of actions: macro and micro behaviors that are generated following that order that belongs to natural harmonic development.



Pasta, wine, oil and flour: the product categories discussed fully reincarnate the excellence of Italian and Abruzzo food and wine. The Rosburgo code distinguishes a unique modus operandi, capable of being characterized by quality, traceability, flavors and history.

Design & Packaging

From the land to the product, the proofs to believe

From ideas to practice, the golden number is the unit used to develop our brand which then extends throughout the communication and design of our packaging.
A key element that opens the way to a communicative path that can give rise to that stimulating and perpetual wonder.
We used sustainable paper that doesn't come from tree sources, made glue from our flour and designed a label that encapsulates our imagination by amplifying the power of color into timeless elements.
Our products want to participate in the experiences in your lives in a pro-active, dynamic and always generative way.

Towards a greener world

Living organic is a pleasure for us, for our body, for our palate and for our health.
Producing bio is a duty, a mission towards our planet.

It is already all in nature

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