The 100% organic Tenuta Rosburgo flour, obtained by stone grinding, is produced through a low-speed processing; a slow process that does not aim at a quantity that is destined to be destined for large-scale distribution. Our durum wheat flour is in fact open to those who love pure, artisanal raw materials; to those who indulge in the flavors of the past.



We have chosen to produce a single quality of flour, an organic durum wheat flour, the soul of our pasta and the fruit of our land. An ideal flour for pasta - in fact - bread, pizza and typical sweets with a harder texture. A raw material that is literally synonymous with the story of a territory and its people, its traditions, its folklore.


Where our wheat is born

On the sunny and uncontaminated hills of our land, soiled only by the air of the Gran Sasso and the salt of the Adriatic Sea, our ancient organic grains are grown, of the highest quality, the grains from which the flour organic durum wheat from Tenuta Rosburgo. This flour, with its intense aroma, is obtained from the milling of the grains that surround our farms, in the heart of Abruzzo, in the heart of Italy.


Stone grinding

Tenuta Rosburgo flour is obtained by stone grinding, the process that allows the entire grain of the wheat to be ground with a low processing speed, thus preserving all the nutritional and organoleptic properties. The stone-ground flours preserve the precious wheat germ and the external part of the grain, rich in fibers and nutrients that would be lost with the industrial process.


Durum wheat semolina

The durum wheat semolina, the “historic” flour, is obtained from the grinding of the durum wheat grain. The coarser graininess that characterizes durum wheat flour and the color that tends more to yellow are the distinctive features of durum wheat flour which is mainly used in pasta making for the production of dry pasta.

Preparation of the final product

Sieving and sifting

After the grinding of the grain, the sieving takes place, therefore a classification of the product by size. Abburramento, the last phase of the production process of Tenuta Rosburgo's organic durum wheat flour, consists in quantifying the yield of the product, that is the quantity of flour obtained on 100 kg of wheat. The higher the yield, the higher the fiber content. The subsequent stages of packaging - which takes place by hand, using paper and biological glue - and storage, are those that precede the arrival on our tables of a single product, whether it is flour or pasta; a slow product, with genuine, pure flavor and features.

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