We do not worry about the liters of oil to be produced annually, we only take into account the quality of our product. Tenuta Rosburgo's Organic EVO oil is an experience, from harvesting to processing, up to tasting. An apparently banal act that turns into emotion, intensity, harmony. All moods dictated by unique flavors and aromas.



Our olive trees, grown in the Rosburgo lands, lulled by the breeze of the Adriatic Sea and the mountain air coming from the peaks of the Gran Sasso, are the first act that leads to the production of 100% organic Tenuta Rosburgo extra virgin olive oil; a product that, amidst stories of traditions, emotions and scents, manages to transfer all the Abruzzo of our land to the table.


From plant to hand

The Tenuta Rosburgo olive harvest traditionally takes place in autumn, in the months of October and November, when the degree of ripeness of the drupes is ideal according to the very high quality that must characterize our organic extra virgin olive oil. We harvest our olives partly by hand, partly with the help of the latest generation of electric harvesters, with the aim of ensuring the integrity of the fruit before the next stages.


Processing in the oil mill

The olives are brought to the mill within four hours of harvesting; here they are washed and defoliated with the aim of eliminating all impurities present. Once inside the hammer crusher the walls of the olives are broken, the juices come out and give life to an oil paste: a mass formed by oil and water as a liquid part, and by stones, peel and pulp. With the milling, which takes place right at this moment, the real processing of Tenuta Rosburgo organic extra virgin olive oil comes to life. The walls of the mill are impregnated with the scent of an extraordinary oil, and the product approaches its final shape.

Separation in the aprons

Controlled temperature processing

From the crusher to the gremole: the mixture obtained is mixed in these large steel tanks where the separation between oil and water takes place, breaking the emulsion between the two substances. At this moment it is essential to keep the temperature under control: bringing it over 35 ° would increase the quantitative yield, but at the expense of quality.
We at Tenuta Rosburgo are far from this type of production: we prefer quality to quantity; this is why we prefer to keep the oil paste at about 23 °, a detail that also allows us to keep intact and extract a greater quantity of polyphenols.

The decanters

The oil goes to rest

The last step takes place with the decanters. All the elements that make up the oil paste follow different paths: the more humid pomace is eliminated; the vegetation water and olive oil undergo a further separation by means of a machine before being filtered and closed in special containers. The production process of Tenuta Rosburgo organic extra virgin olive oil is, in fact, closed.
The oil is deposited in the shady and cool rooms of our estate, away from light and heat, so that it can be controlled in the laboratory without alterations. Before bottling we proceed with a further filtering to eliminate the final impurities, in order to delay oxidation.

Qualità olearia Rosburgo 100% Bio