The decision to produce a low quantity of pasta is dictated by the choice to carry out a niche agriculture, not a massive one. Our processing is totally focused on the quality of a product that favors flavor and research, respect for nature and the environment.
The processing with traditional methods, accompanied by the innovation that distinguishes us, characterizes a pasta with character, the Rosburgo character, typically Abruzzese.



We have chosen four types of pasta to produce: fusilli, spaghetti alla chitarra, calamarata and linguine.
These types of pasta allow those who choose Tenuta Rosburgo to cook either fish, meat, vegetarian or vegan dishes. All characterized by a minimum common denominator given by the very high quality of our wheat, our flour and our pasta from organic farming.

Our pastas

Maximum expression of Made in Italy

We believe that the Italian tradition sees its maximum expression in pasta. Tenuta Rosburgo pasta is a simple pasta, processed while preserving the values ​​and methods of the past, respecting nature in every aspect, enhancing the final consumer who becomes a passionate aware of the quality of a product that should be enjoyed with the pleasure of being at the table. Slow production, slow consumption, harmony of nature.

A clean and transparent territory

Pasta with the flavor of Abruzzo

To make Tenuta Rosburgo pasta, we only use 100% organic wheat from our lands and water that flows from the sources of the Gran Sasso. The stone grinding of the flour, the main ingredient, allows us to preserve the parts of the grain that are normally discarded, the most precious parts for our body.

Water as an added value

The harmony of natural elements

Water is the most precious good in the world, and it is the added value of Tenuta Rosburgo pasta, a water with high penetrability, a characteristic that distinguishes a pure, natural and genuine product, a product in harmony with our body since it is largely more digestible compared to pastas commonly found in large-scale distribution.

Unique fact

Dies in bronze

The exclusive use of bronze dies during processing makes this pasta even more special: the rough and porous appearance, the intense aroma of wheat and the strong flavor are those characteristics that celebrate the marriage of our pasta with nature. that surrounds us. A pasta that is an excellence, capable of accompanying itself perfectly with any condiment and that finds its maximum expression with our extra virgin olive oil and our organic wines: all the result of a refined agriculture, of a processing that puts culture and sentiment first.

Touch our products firsthand

Four varieties of organically grown pasta to choose to taste life