The organic wines Tenuta Rosburgo, from selected vines that inhabit specific areas of the Rosburgo lands, cross their life cycle within the precious walls of our cellars, in the ideal climate to mature and age in the heart of Abruzzo, the green region of Europe. , the owner of our top quality grapes.

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In the mill, our organic olives travel a totally different path from conventional olives, a path traced, from pressing to bottling, with the focus on respecting nature at every moment. A pure product, with a unique taste, accompanied by the unmistakable scent of Abruzzo.

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Tenuta Rosburgo pasta is a privilege, a recognizable and distinguishable food because it comes from a 100% organic soft wheat, selected on the basis of the specific soil and climatic conditions of the cultivation environment. A pasta that comes from a green process, perfect for giving a special flavor to any sauce: the added value for Italian tables.

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Tenuta Rosburgo's organic flour comes from the milling of grains produced with organic farming methods. Our organic wheat is grown and stored without the help of synthetic chemicals; stone milling guarantees the quality of a product that is traced and certified step by step, under the magnifying glass of excellent professionals, because people are hidden behind every product.

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Harmony between man and nature

We are guided by the mission of marrying science and innovation with nature and its precious resources. Scientific doctrine allows us to harmoniously come into contact with natural raw materials for what for us represents a real choice of life, a choice characterized by the perfect balance between the human being and the earth, in full respect of people and the environment.

We preserve biodiversity

The variety of crops, the different position of the land, the natural contamination of flora and fauna of the Rosburgo lands is the synthesis of the protection of biodiversity that characterizes our daily work, a work that starts from uncontaminated raw materials to arrive at products that smell of nature, processed by means of organic farming as the apotheosis of a slow, harmonious, empirical work, based on skills and respect for the wonderful territory we live in and which we intend to make the most of.

Slow farming

We become the bearers of an agriculture at a crawl, far from large-scale distribution, an agriculture of listening, which has respect for the product, the fruit of nature, and for man, a man aware of his food choices.

Organic is sustainable

Organic culture is a healthy lifestyle choice, a dictate aimed at environmental sustainability, the protection of biodiversity, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We choose to be among the pioneers of a different production.

Traceability of products

We use a certified traceability system, which allows the final consumer to be able to retrace the history of a specific product in correspondence with the label information at any time.

Food safety

The absence of pesticides or other synthetic products, the protection of the land from pollution, the absence of herbicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers make organic the only viable way for a better world, for a better product.