The Rosburgo lands are our home, the natural habitat and the refuge of our cultures, immersed in the heart of Abruzzo, the green region of Europe.
From these hectares of land, developed and cultivated according to our code for over a century, our products begin a journey that ends on the tables of those who are used to loving the environment and its unique raw materials, of the highest quality, capable to marry man and nature in every moment.



Our crops, nurtured over the years with an eye always aimed at safeguarding the environment, are characterized by an extensive agricultural DNA.
Our goal is to give birth to niche products, grown while minimizing emissions and energy waste, without the use of fertilizers or pesticides: ours are healthy, natural, sustainable products. All-round organic products.



To orient ourselves on our estate we have decided to plant 20 trees of different species, one for each land cultivated with care and passion for over a hundred years.
Fruit trees, long-lived and deciduous to represent and differentiate crops making them recognizable and memorable, to tell an experience that travels beyond flavors and smells, an experience that starts right here.

Family history

Rosburgo ecosystem

The place where nature and man grow together in harmony. An ecosystem aimed at the well-being of the human being in balance with nature. The estate overlooks the Municipality of Roseto, designating the rural expansion that lives according to nature and for nature.

We want to determine, through our methodology, a code of action for the development of quality organic products that grow with the aid of choices mediated and meditated by scientific studies with the aid of creative and generative processes.

We are the opposite of "fast food"; we have respect for the Italian culinary tradition and for the nature that our country and our territory can offer us.
We love to enjoy every moment, and we believe in the values ​​of encounter, sharing and love in contrast with the "hectic" life that we are forced to live every day.

Forestation of the land

The tree is a symptom of life

Hedges and shrubs are also nesting sites and shelters for many bird species. In particular, they are essential to ensure the presence of birds that eat insects and which can therefore control the spread of insects that damage plants. Isolated trees also form important perches and nesting sites. Increasing the quantity of these elements means making the land more hospitable for these animals.

In summary, these are essential elements to ensure the presence of different environments in the soils, reducing
the barrier effect created by crops with respect to
surrounding territory.

Biodiversity and protection of the territory: we work with our goals and everyone's goals in mind.



"Perfection is natural"

- William Di Marco, Owner

From 1820 to today, four generations raised on the Rosburgo Estate

The Casali

The Rosburgo Estate consists of a
group of houses, spread over a large space


The reference and interpretation center / exchange hub, sales and exhibition point, the starting point of the Rosburgo routes.


The warehouse and logistic center of the cultivation and future production. A space designed to be used in a simple and effective way.

The Encounter

The place of hospitality takes its cue from the whirlwind of emotions that derive from meeting the people who visit our estate.


A rural architectural element, simple but which stands out visibly in the most important road artery that crosses the Arbuzzo, the A14.

From the Estate to the table

We accompany you in every meal with organic and eco-sustainable products of the highest quality